Scrap Your Cookbook Monthly Challenges

September Forum Challenge

Ghost and Goblins and witches Galore, soon will be at our door! Halloween Treats are fun and yummy. I love baking and especially being creative in the kitchen. The holidays allow me to combine my two favorite hobbies: Baking and Art. Every Halloween I do lot’s of spooky treats many of my treats have turned into a Halloween tradition. In our house we cannot have Halloween without witches fingers, ghost rice crispy treats, caramel apples, Pumpkin spice Jack O Lantern cake and a variety of Halloween shaped cookies.

Do you have a recipe that is a Halloween tradition in your house? Or Maybe, one that you want to make a tradition?

This month’s participation Gift is this Halloween Treats Alpha’s and embellishment Kit.




Cookbook Challenge

When you think about scrapbooking what comes to mind? Do you think about capturing your memories and sharing them with all your friends and family?

Have you ever considered creating a Cookbook to share and to pass down to your family? In my family we have recipes from grandparents, parents and passed generations that we want to pass on to our kids and grandkids. I always create and prints recipe cards to place beside my dish that I takes to family reunions, church socials and special dinner gatherings.

The holidays are just around the corner and this is always a special time of gathering friends and family around the dinner table.

In this challenge series we will be creating a Scrapbook Cookbook. Not just any old cookbook but your very own cookbook with your favorite recipes and your creativity. Every month I will be challenging you to be creative and to post your work in the challenge. Which is located in the My Memories Forum.

Scrap Your Cookbook Challenge

Cookbook Challenge

Play along in the forum and receive Exclusive FREE Participation Gifts only Available to Challenge Participants.

August Scrapbook Cookbook Challenge

Baking WA

August Exclusive FREE Gift


July’s Participant Exclusive Challenge FREE Gift


Don’t miss out on Exclusive FREE Gifts. Join us in the forum for some Scrapping Fun.

Scrapbook Cookbook Challenge

The Holiday’s are coming and that means Holiday gatherings. How do we celebrate the holidays?

Halloween- September 2018 Challenge theme. Join us in the Forum in September for some Spooky Cookbook Fun. September’s Challenge will be focused on Halloween Treats. Every participant will receive an Exclusive FREE Gift ONLY available to Challenge Participants.

Thanksgiving- October 2018 Challenge theme. Join us in the My Memories Forum for some Thanksgiving Fun.

Christmas- November 2018 Challenge Theme.

New Year’s- December 2018 Challenge theme.

Valentine’s Day-  January 2019 Challenge theme.

St. Patrick’s Day- February 2019 Challenge theme.

Easter- March 2019 Challenge theme.

Come Play along and have some fun.

Scrapbook Cookbook Challenge


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