Designer Tip Creating a Flower


The creative possibilities are endless with the My Memories Suite software. You can do so much with it not only make scrapbook pages you can create your own backgrounds, elements ,photo frames, and even change colors. I use my memories suite software in designing my Scrapbook pages and elements. This Designer Tip I will be explaining how to create your own flowers in My Memories Suite importing and using imprint. I used my flower parts imprints they are available in my Memories shop you can use your own or get the Flower parts kit by clicking here. Please note digital papers are backgrounds that are saved on your computer in your computer file. If you try to add a background in my memories it will add a background not fill your imprint with color. We want to fill the imprint with color you can use your own digital paper by first clicking on the imprint file adding and then either click color or the photo camera button under the imprint section.

  1. First look on the right side of the my memories see the Control Panel click on imprints to open it has alittle Blue Butterfly.

Control Panel

2. Open the imprints click the green file that says Custom this will import your imprint from your computer file. NOTE if you purchased my Flower parts imprint then you can click the Blue Butterfly that says ADD.

Imprints MMS

3. I used these 5 imprint parts from my Flower Imprint kit






Note: Digital Paper is Backgrounds that you have on your computer. In this situation we are going to fill the flower with background/Digital Paper instead of adding a Background. If you want to fill the flower with your own Background/Digital Paper instead of using color click the Blue Camera photo in the imprint menu choose your background/Digital Paper you want and it will fill your Flower part.

4. After all of your parts are filled and colored


REMEMBER to export as a PNG file so that the background is transparent. If you want to use it in your scrapbook that you are working in you can always group the parts and copy and paste on your scrapbook pages that you are working in.

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